Delivery and Unboxing the Me-Mover

Being a KickStarter Backer, I got the great benefit og having the Me-Mover delivered directly to my door.

However suffering from a bad back, I recently haven’t had the opportunity to drive a car or sit down for too long at a time. Initially I planned to visit the the Me-Mover headquaters here in Copenhagen (Rødovre), but not being able to drive, I contacted the great folks at Me-Mover and arranged for a personal delivery by one of their nice guys Hugo. Hugo is German, living in Denmark and working for Me-Mover. Hugo, the nice guys he is, took the effort to drive to Amager from Rødovre in his free time and deliver the Me-Mover on my doorstep. Thanks Hugo!

The Me-Mover arriving in the box

A huge box!

The Me-Mover comes in a large box, in fact two boxes and the front carry rack can’t fit in the box and is delivered in a second box. It is actually quite impressive what the Me-Mover team has been able to fit in the box.

Me-Mover Box













The first thing you’ll see when opening the box is a huge sign saying congratulations with your new Me-mover and a great thanks to all the Kickstarter backers that made it possible to produce and get the Me-mover on the streets. I think that is a very nice gesture.

Thanks Me-Mover Kickstarter Backers

What’s in the Me-Mover Box?

The box looks like this when you first open it:

Me-Mover unboxing


Digging a little more into the goodies in the box and taking it all out, you see these parts:


On the top left you see the actual Me-Mover.

On the top right you see the front wheel.

Me-Mover front wheelAt the bottom you see the front rack where the front wheel is attached.

On the right hand side you see some of the accessories including a mount for front lights, rear lights, a nice bag to store your personal items and some strips for strapping the brake cables in place.

The front carry rack is show below in it’s bubble wrap.

Me-Mover front carry rack


Remember to register your new Me-Mover!

In order to develop the Me-Mover and make new cool accessories and future add-ons, the team urges you to register your Me-Mover. It is a simple process, just filling out the form and entering your unique Me-Mover serial number:

Me-Mover registration


Read more about the Me-Mover and ORDER yours here >



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