Me-Mover LogoThe Me-Mover History
The Me-Mover started as an idea and a vision on how to move around the city and the urban areas in a fun, healthy and new way. Being based in Copenhagen – a city world famous for its many many bikes and focus on bike transportation – the Me-Mover team was inspired to innovate and develop a new way of moving around and transporting yourself an easy, healthy and fun way.

Me-Mover was developed by Swedish innovator Jonas Eliasson, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jonas says the following about the idea behind the Me-Mover:

Me-Mover began as an idea for a simple solution to a common problem of modern city life – how can we move around efficiently in the city in a way that is healthy and can be combined with our existing transport system.

and futher remarks:

Think of it as a human-powered Segway

Read more about the Me-Mover here.

Funding started with the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter
Kickstarter Logo
The tema behind Me-Mover quickly realised that a funding campaign through Kickstarter was a great way to get production going and test if the Me-Mover had potential for a large market.

Blew past the funding in a week!
The Me-Mover Kickstarter campaign was a raving success and blew through the funding goal in less than a week. $100,000 was in place and production could start!

Enter The Me-Mover Kickstarter Campaign

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